Movistar Riders Mouse

Krom Movistar Riders | RGB Lighting Gaming Mouse

  • PIXART PMW 3330 optical sensor
  • 6 levels of adjustable DPI (800 – 7200)
  • Software programmable
  • Configurable RGB lighting.
  • 7 configurable buttons
Movistar Riders Mouse

Inspired by one of the most powerful eSports clubs on the national scene, Krom Movistar Riders is born, the official mouse of the club that combines design and precision so that you take all your battles to the next level.It has a precise optical sensor (PIXART PMW 3330) and up to 6 levels of DPI that you can program from its intuitive software to translate your gaming tactics to the screen immediately.

Switches OmronSensor ÓpticoIluminación RGB configurableSoftware programable
The best ally in all your battles

Krom synthesizes speed and accuracy into the perfect weapon that every professional player needs to fight endless battles on a daily basis. The Krom Movistar Riders provides you with the maximum rigor and accuracy in your movements thanks to its PIXART PMW 3330 optical sensor and a complete software package that will allow you to store different macros.

It also has 6 adjustable DPI levels (800/1600/2400/4800/7200/3600) with which you'll be able to move yourself with a single click, so nothing distracts you while fighting your opponent. In addition, from your software, you'll be able to assign a color for each DPI jump so you can immediately identify its sensitivity in any given moment.

A design conceived for success

An elegant and ergonomic design that gives you an excellent grip and glide, enabling you to comfortably engage the enemy in combat for hours.Krom Movistar Riders reflects the strength, resolve and perseverance that is characteristic of the club, and will allow you to enjoy an authentic gaming experience thanks to its super bright lighting with fully customizable effects.

In addition, it features 7 configurable buttons that will allow you to run macros and keyboard shortcuts created and assigned from your software, so that you can record your movements and focus only on taking down the enemy.

Multiply your options

To further increase your competitive advantage and the possibilities of your Krom Movistar Riders, a complete software package is included with which you can configure all the details of your mouse. This will allow you to create macros, and change the color, effects, intensity and speed of each of the modes, as well as save endless profiles.

Create your own combinations and adapt it to your movements so that nothing stops you on your way to victory.

Feel the spirit of Movistar Riders
Discover all that Movistar Riders Mouse offers you.

Movistar Riders Mouse includes OMRON switches in its two main buttons.


Switch between DPI levels with just one click (800-1600-2400-3600-4800-7200 DPI).


With its software you will be able to change the color and lighting easily and intuitively.


The PIXART PMW 3330 sensor is one of the most precise sensors in the market.

  • Powerful software

    Create your own settings and get the maximum performance from your mouse with its powerful software that will allow you to adjust its performance depending on the need of the moment. In addition it is a very intuitive tool allowing you to quickly learn its operation.