Multicolor Membrane Keyboard

  • High-profile membrane keyboard
  • 5 dedicated multimedia keys
  • Multicolor lighting in 3 colors (orange, blue and purple)
  • Gaming mode
  • Anti-ghosting in 19 keys
  • Interchangeable WASD and arrow keys function

The Krom Krown membrane keyboard withmulticolor lighting in 3 colors has been designed for gamers looking for more than a gaming keyboard. The features of this accessory make it the perfect tool to help you smash any game.

LED BacklitAnti-ghostingMembrane Keys

The design of the Krom Krown keyboard wasconceived for long gaming sessions; the stability provided by its wristre stand its curved form allow you to adapt to any kind of game, however intense.

Multiple options

Krom Krown features ananti-ghosting system in 19 keys so that you never lose control during a game (if you press several keys at the same time they won’t cancel each other out).

In addition, itsfive multimedia keys will allow you to control other actions, such as increasing and lowering the volume or pausing your music when you start to play.

LED backlighting

Incorporates three different lighting modes. You’ll be able to personalize your game in the color you prefer, choosing between orange, blue or purple. The color of victory is decided by you.

The multicolor Membrane
Discover all that Krown can offer you.

Backlight in 3 colors (orange, blue and purple).


With the function key you can modify the intensity of the light, the color, change to the gaming mode and exchange the arrows for the WASD keys.


The gaming mode blocks the Windows key.