Pro Gaming Dual Kit


  • Membrane type
  • 7 colors backlighting
  • 19 anti-ghosting keys
  • 6 multimedia keys


  • Optical Sensor
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 6 DPI levels switchable On-The-Fly
  • 6 colors LED lighting
  • Rubber side grips

Kodex is the perfect pack for any gamer. It has a membrane keyboard and an up to 6 DPI levels mouse, as well as a powerful backlight for a complete gaming immersion. Symbiosis among pack’s elements will shoot up your winrate. It does not matter if you are into MOBA or shooters: Kodex will give you the effectiveness, speed and precision you are looking for.

6 DPI levelsMembrane keysAnti-ghostingLED backlit
Design and ergonomics

This pack's keyboard and mouse rapport is perfect. The keyboard ergonomics, its appearance and 7 colors lighting make it an essential must for your games.

Kodex’s keyboard features also 6 multimedia keys, anti-ghosting function and Windows key lock.

Adaptation to change

Through its six On-The-Fly switchable DPI levels (each assigned to a different color), Kodex’s mouse adjusts its accuracy to your needs depending on the game.

In addition, its rubber side grips allow you to maintain maximum control and stability throughout the game.

A keyboard with character

Kodex keyboard also has 6 multimedia keys, anti-ghosting function and Windows key lock.

The Krom's combo
Discover all that Kodex can offer you.

Multimedia keys on top of easy access.


You can change the DPI level instantly with a click. In addition, Kodex' mouse includes two buttons on the left side.


Keyboard and mouse have various lighting colors, a bright and powerful lighting that you can modify with a easy combination of keys.


Exchange the WASD keys and arrow keys to play your favourite games with a better perfomance.