Hybrid Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

  • Keyboard with hybrid switches (mechanical-membrane)
  • Metal structure
  • High profile keys
  • 20 million keystrokes per key
  • Windows key lock
  • Anti-ghosting function
  • 8 multicolor lighting effects
  • Configurable lighting effects without software

Krom introduces Khybrid, a semimechanical keyboard with hybrid switches (mechanical-membrane) and 7 colors LED backlight. Khybrid is designed to be used in long gaming sessions (thanks to its high-profile keys with a smooth feel), as well as to withstand firmly over time, regarding its aluminum structure and its 20 million keystrokes per key durability.

Hybrid switchesMetal frameAnti-ghostingLED backlit
A mechanism with the best of each system

Krom Khybrid's semimechanical mechanism combines the best features from mechanical and membrane keyboards: an almost quiet pulsation (membrane keyboards) in a mechanism of great sensitivity, excellent using experience and short response time (mechanical keyboards), with a durability of 20 million keystrokes per key.

Khybrid's high profile keys are meant to reduce fatigue on your hands during long sessions thanks to its design, which shortens the distance between your fingers and the keyboard.

Rugged structure & design

Made with high quality materials, Khybrid structure has been designed to last: its solid semimechanical mechanism rests on an aluminum frame that provides Khybrid with total stability on any surface, as well as with great resistance over time.

Khybrid is also a keyboard specially designed to be used in long sessions: its soft-touch keys makes it an all-time comfortable gaming and working tool.

Simple, fast and versatile

A fast and easy to use keyboard: Khybrid has 105 keys, anti-ghosting function (you can simultaneously press up to 26 keys) and Windows key lock, plus a powerful 1000Hz polling rate, with a fast data transmission enhanced by its gold plated USB connection.

Compatible with all Windows OS versions, you wont need any extra to work with it: just plug & play.

Multicolor lighting

With a 7 color LED backlight, Khybrid allows you to choose and configure any of its 8 lighting modes without software: using a simple key combination (FN + keys 1 to 9) you can quickly switch between modes to choose the one that suits you best in every moment.


Keyboard shortcuts will be our best ally, as Khybrid doesn’t require any software to be configured. All Khybrid’s lighting possibilities as well as its macros, can be configured with a simple key combination.

The semimechanical keyboard of Krom
Discover all that Khybrid can offer you.

Khybrid features hybrid switches offering an optimized response time and a comfortable and fast tactile sensation.


Aluminum frame that offers robustness and durability.


High profile keys for a shorter path between your fingers and the keyboard.


Multicolor system with 8 lighting modes.