RGB Membrana Gaming Keyboard

  • Membrane keyboard
  • Programmable RGB lighting without software
  • Braided keyboard for enhanced durability
  • Windows key block
  • 6 macro keys
  • 9 multimedia keys
  • 3 profile keys
  • On-the-fly creation of macros
  • Anti-ghosting function

Krom introduces its RGB illuminated keyboard, Khaido. It's a configurable software-free membrane keyboard; by simply pressing a few keys, you can adapt it to the needs of each game and create the perfect weapons for each game on-the-fly.

Membrane KeysAnti-ghostingRGB LED Backlit
Ergonomics and comfort

Khaido allows you to enjoy long gaming sessions without sacrificing comfort and quality ergonomics, thanks to its palmrest which gives great stability on the desktop.

Khaido also has a long braided cable for added durability.

Multiple options

Khaido has 6 macro keys, 9 multimedia keys, 3 profile keys and the ability to savemacros on-the-fly. All of this can be set up quickly and without software thanks to its internal memory.

Khaido also boasts an 18 key anti-ghosting system which will prevent anything unexpected from ruining your games (you can press several keys simultaneously without them canceling each other out).

In addition, the gaming key will allow you to block the Windows key and enjoy all your games without interruptions.


Khaido is a gaming keyboard with powerful lighting. Without needing to install or run any customization software, you can create the perfect gaming atmosphere. In addition, through simple key combinations, you can control its 8lighting modes, for example the Breath or Rainbow modes.


Keyboard shortcuts will be our best ally, as Khaido doesn’t require any software to be configured. All Khaido’s lighting possibilities as well as its macros, can be configured with a simple key combination.

The Membrane with RGB lighting
Discover all that Khaido can offer you.

LED lighting also on the sides for a perfect gaming environment.


6 macro keys to save your favorite shortcuts.


You can save up to 3 gaming profiles with 6 macros each.


You can customize your keyboard with up to 8 lighting modes, modifying the speed and intensity of the lighting effects with a simple key combination.