RGB Mechanical Keyboard

  • Mechanical switches keyboard
  • 16.8 million colors LED RGB lighting
  • Light and resistant design
  • Windows key blocking system
  • On-the-fly macros creation
  • Anti-ghosting function
  • 11 multimedia keys
  • 9 different lighting effects
  • Lighting effects customizable without software

Krom Kernel is here to satisfy all your gaming needs, thanks to its high quality mechanical switches and 16.8 million colors which will leave a mark with every keypress. Without the need for additional software, you can instantly enjoy the benefits of this mechanical keyboard and choose between different lighting modes by simply using keyboard combinations. Your games are different, and the way you play can be too with Krom Kernel.

Mechanical keysLED backlightAnti-ghosting
Design and illumination

Kernel has an aluminium upper panel with two adjustable rear feet that will help you adapt it to the height you need. Its solid structure will give you stability in every movement and resistance against wear and tear.

Kernel's compact, wrist-rest-free light forms, have been designed to join you anywhere, whether this is events, competitions or hangouts with friends.

Kernel features RGB lighting on each switch and 9 fully customizable lighting effects: you can change the speed and intensity of each effect and see each key at a glance thanks to the intensity of its LED illumination.

Color options

Creating your own colors in Kernel is easy with a few simple keyboard shortcuts. Press the FN + Print Screen keys for 5 seconds: The Delete (Red), End (Green) and Page Down (Blue) keys will light up automatically. With these and with the Insert, Home and Page Up keys you can move through the color spectrum, choose the tone that you like and save it using the FN + Print Screen combination again.

If at any time you want to return to the original configuration of your Kernel keyboard, just press FN + ESC and then press consecutively, F1, F3 and F5.


Kernel has several high-end features: you can assign macro functions to any key, enjoying a smooth and effective touch thanks to its mechanical switches.

Moreover, you will enjoy seamless, smooth gaming sessions thanks to its Gaming Mode (which disables the Windows key), its anti-ghosting system and its 11 multimedia function keys.

Its braided cable also guaranteesyour Kernel's strength and durability through time.

New CIY Technology: extra switches

Krom Kernel includes the new Change It Yourself technology, incorporating 4 extra switches so you don't have to worry about anything, being able to change them easily and quickly by yourself, so nothing could you stop you on the way to victory.

Mechanical Key switches

Mechanical keyboards are based on individual switch technology, resulting in totally reliable experience, and so a better performance in terms of both gaming and typing compared with other keyboards.


Keyboard shortcuts are Kernel star feature, since it doesn't need additional software to be configured. Every lighting and macro functions can be easily modified with a simple shortcut.